About Us

Nigerite Limited, is a part of Etex, a Belgian industrial group that manufactures and markets high quality building materials and systems. Head quartered in Lagos State, Nigeria, Nigerite Limited ensures that our products perform at all levels of expectation. In doing so, specialized knowledge is effectively transferred to our network companies, and the Nigeria Market.

Our raw materials, obtained from renewable sources, ensure low carbon foot print. Cellulose is obtained from sustainable forest. Cement and aggregates from local quarries. Our low energy production processes are clean and simple. All production waste is recycled.

Our products are light, strong and durable. They are as easy to work as wood, but they solve all the problems associated to timber. Resistant to water, mold growth and impact, our fibre cement products are the best alternative for builders and home owners ready to explore creative building solutions and improve their way of living.

Though, resistant and durable, our products are the perfect replacement for wooden products, concrete and masonry construction.

Nigerite Limited believes in a better future for all. We aim to assist our world conserve its natural forest resources by providing strong, reliable and durable wood substitutes.

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